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Possible Things only in DPRK

Possible Things only in DPRK

Public figures of Nepal and Myanmar put articles of the successes achieved in the great anti-epidemic war in DPR Korea and their secrets on internet homepages
The homepages carried pictures of General Secretary Kim Jong Un.
In an article captioned “It is possible only in DPRK's Socialism based on popular masses” the secretary general of the Nepal-Korea Friendship Association lauded the DPRK saying she controlled the anti-epidemic crisis caused by the malignant epidemic disease, a great turmoil, in the shortest period and it was really a miracle.
The article went on:
His Excellency Kim Jong Un called on the eighth Polit-bureau meeting of the eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea to take emergency measures for strategic initiative in the great epidemic prevention war and visited pharmacies in Pyongyang to acquired information of the availability of the medicines.
The effective measures taken by the Party and government could successfully control the epidemic prevention situation in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
This is possible only in the people based Korean-style socialist society. In other words, it is possible only in the society of the DPRK led by the WPK serving the popular masses under the guidance of His Excellency Kim Jong Un.
The director of the Central Institute of Homeopathic Medical Science of Myanmar in an article entitled “World-startling successes gained by the DPRK” wrote:
General Secretary Kim Jong Un sent all reserve medicines kept in his residence to the affected family and this story greatly moved all the people of the country.
The anti-epidemic war in the DPRK is advancing to the victory thanks to single-hearted unity in which the leader believes in the people and the latter sincerely supports and follows the former and beautiful virtues and traits of helping each other.