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More than 100 Kinds of Textbooks and Reference Books Off Press

More than 100 Kinds of Textbooks and Reference Books
Off Press

The Educational Books Publishing House published more than 100 kinds of books contributing to bringing up talents this year.
The officials, journalists and editors of the publishing house, true to the decision of the historic plenary meetings of the Party Central Committee, basing themselves on the study of the world trend of educational development and pedagogical requirements, pushed ahead with the compilation of the textbooks and reference books in a planned way.
“History”, “Mathematics” and other textbooks were compiled from a new angle and latest data added to them so that they may steadily raise the intellectual faculties of the students, their ability to put into practice and independence.
The books have been compiled in a responsible manner so that education may be combined with practice in accordance with the characteristics of technical high middle schools and various kinds of reference books also for bringing up talents in relevant fields have been published.
Tens of kinds of books also have been published so that they can give full scope to the creative thinking faculty of the students, independent power of observation, judgment and imaginative power and can be helpful to the education of those who have paropsis and hypacusia.
Besides, great efforts have been made for electronic books giving schoolchildren wide-ranging common sense and vivid and tactile multimedia programs.