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Sensational Volleyball Game

Sensational Volleyball Game

There was a sensational volleyball game at the volleyball court in Sokam-Dong, Pothonggang District, Pyongyang, on August 25.
Participated in the game were householders of the neighborhood unit No. 40, Sokam-Dong, Pothonggang District.
The game between the two teams, divided into houses of even and uneven number, was a spectacle.
Powerful serve, well-organized pass, nimble striking remind the spectators of the movement of the professional players.
The zeal of the cheering spectators was high as well. It seemed a game between the spectators, not a game between the two teams. The passersby stopped walking to give their support.
It was a time out after a while and an old man called Jon Song Pha of the house No. 1 on the sixth floor, who was a “coach”, talked of the matters to be cared at the game to his team members.
The players of his team nodded in assent.
The old man is an initiator of the game. He had taken a good care of the living of the neighbors, looking upon their pains as his own during the top emergency anti-epidemic period.
Then continued the game. The cheering reached the climax with the passage of time.
Chief of neighborhood unit Nam Kyong Hui guided the cheering with gesture and a head of householders run along with the players with a loud voice…
The cheering people were laughing or regretting along with the players.
The game that was gripping the hearts of all the people in the neighborhood unit ended in victory for the team of the houses with odd numbers after the fierce offensive and defensive battle.
The game was an epitome of the life full of confidence in victory and revolutionary optimism.