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Invincible Bulwark 2



Invincible Bulwark 2

Muhammad Ibrahim Ali
 (continued from the last issue)
No sooner had the incident happened than the United States claimed that their ship was captured in the open sea and it did not commit an espionage act.
It also declared that unless the ship returned home at once, it was ready to make reprisals and go to war. It brought its vicinity huge armed forces including nuclear-powered carrier flotilla in the Korean peninsula.
The situation went to the extreme.
The world held its breath, keeping its eyes on it.
Will the DPRK, a small country, stand in confrontation with the United States any power dare not to provoke ?
At that time I, together with many people, also thought that the DPRK would not stand hard line and pressure from the United States.
The situation went beyond expectations, though.
The DPRK declared that it would return retaliation for “retaliation”,  all-out war for “all-out war”.
I wonder what kind of strength the DPRK had in confrontation with the United States ?
I could not but shake off my worry that the situation would go from bad to worse.
The U.S. seemed to pounce upon the DPRK with the mobilisation of huge armed forces. But it yielded to the Korean people and apologized to them.
The U.S., overpowered by the toughest counteraction of the DPRK, signed the written apology that it apologizes for the illegal intrusion of the spy armed forces “ Pueblo ”  into the territorial waters of the DPRK to commit an espionage act and hostile act and its vessels would not intrude into the territorial waters of the DPRK.
The U.S., oblivious of the lesson from the “Pueblo”, had a desire to intrude into the sky above the DPRK.
A large-size spy plane “EC-121” of the U.S. made an illegal intrusion into the territorial air of the DPRK to commit an espionage act.
The plane was shot down by the flying corps of the Korean People’s Army.
The United States, instead of getting a lesson from the large-size spy plane, took it an excuse for staging a frantic war game.
(continuation follows)