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Moving into New Houses in Kumhak Area of Chongdan County

Moving into New Houses in Kumhak Area of
Chongdan County

There took place an auspicious event such as moving into new houses in Kumhak area of Chongdan County, South Hwanghae Province.
Under the benevolence of the Party, which always pays deep attention to improving the people's living standard, more than 200 flats and dwelling houses are provided with various living rooms, kitchen, bathroom and other facilities for the people's living.
The nursery, kindergarten and service buildings are sprucing up along with modern houses built in sunny places, and fruit trees are rooted in every house to add beauty to the village.
A meeting for entrance to houses took place on August 25. The license was conveyed to the participants amid their enthusiastic applause and speeches were made.
The speakers said there is no such a blessed people as ours in the world and sincerely expressed deep thanks to General Secretary Kim Jong Un who provides a paradise with the great policy for the good of people
Then moving into new houses began. Faces of the owners of the houses passing their hands across the nameplates, children hopping from room to room, old men and women  dancing a dance were filled with merry laughter.
Officials visited the households that moved into new houses to congratulate them.