The great persons of Mt. Paektu
“How Does Russian Scout Get Along?”

“How Does Russian Scout Get Along?”

September 20, 1999 Chairman Kim Jong Il called an official up to say to go see Karpov, former First Secretary of the Writers’ Union of the USSR now on holiday at the Korean eastern coast staying in Korea, and told him to convey his greetings “How does Russian scout get along?”
Next morning the official went to Karpov as the Chairman said.
As he conveyed to Karpov the Chairman’s greetings “How does Russian scout get along?” Karpov was pleasant asking, “It’s from Chairman Kim Jong Il, isn’t it?”
He had been awarded the title of the USSR Hero in his twenties for his merit done as a scouting platoon leader of the Red Army. However, he had not heard this proud title of a Russian scout after the dissolution of the USSR.
Karpov felt tears in his eyes for the kind call of the title of Russian scout from Chairman Kim Jong Il and the hospitality of treating him as good as the Korean war veterans.