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Celebration Events Took Place in Many Countries to Mark 74th Founding Anniversary of DPRK

Celebration Events Took Place in Many Countries to
Mark 74th Founding Anniversary of DPRK

Seminars, lecture meetings, round-table talks, friendship gatherings, film shows, book and photo exhibitions, art performances and other colorful celebration events took place in China, Russia, Cuba, Nepal, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Iran, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Romania, Bulgaria, Kirgizstan, Serbia, Guinea, Nigeria, Libya, Senegal, Algeria, Angola, Uganda, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Tanzania, Mexico and Venezuela to mark 74th founding anniversary of DPRK.
The celebrations attended by political and public figures and masses of relevant countries spoke highly of the undying country-building exploits of President Kim Il Sung,  the  Songun  leadership  exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Il who firmly defended Korean-style socialism in the face of the imperialists’ moves of aggression and ten-year-long leadership history of General Secretary Kim Jong Un who demonstrated the dignity and spirit of independent powerful country.
Meanwhile, presented on-line photo exhibitions were pictures of the revolutionary activities of General Secretary Kim Jong Un who is making tireless efforts for the safety of the people and their highly civilized life.
Also seen there were pictures showing remarkable streets of the capital city including Kyongru-Dong and Songhwa Street, happy sight of working people moving into new houses and struggle of the combatants in the medical field of the Korean People’s Army performing feats during the top emergency anti-epidemic war.
Voices of admiration came out from many people who gained access to the photo exhibitions.
 “All the policies of the DPRK serve the people and the contents are beyond human imagination.”
“Through the pictures of palatial new houses, I had a great envy of them thinking that when can I live in such houses. Everyone who accessed to the photo exhibitions will be the same with me on that.”
“Congratulations to the DPRK emerging ever-victorious.”
“They are all fruits of the Juche idea.”
“It is our hope that the DPRK where diligent people live will be prosperous.”