The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Field Car of Supreme Commander

Field Car of Supreme Commander

It happened when Chairman Kim Jong Il on a way for Songun leadership visited an outpost of Mt. Osong in forefront line area on August 3, 1998.
Mt. Osong, 1 050 meters high above sea level, is situated in Kangwon Province. It is one of very rugged mountains.
That day the mountain road was washed out in hollows by heavy rain. And so the accompanying officials asked the Chairman to climb it up after repairing the road.
However, saying that he had to climb up the mountain where there were his dear soldiers and the Supreme Commander had to climb up the rugged ridgeway of the frontline in such a bad weather as today to acquaint himself with the livelihood of the soldiers, he got on the car.
The road was so rugged that the wheels of the car were replaced with new ones two times.
Suddenly, the wheels of the car going up the mountain skidded before sliding down. There was a steep cliff beside the car.
The moment, the Chairman got off the car to give a push to the car with his shoulder. The officials followed him to push it with their shoulders inch by inch.
When the field car arrived at the forward command post after going through 152 turns of the road, his clothes were wet with rainwater and mottled with muddy water.
He didn’t care about it, though. He acquainted himself with the combat preparations of the outpost of Mt. Osong as well as the livelihood of the soldiers.