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Ryonggang Hot Water Complex Conducive to Promotion of People's Health

Ryonggang Hot Water Complex Conducive to
Promotion of People's Health

Ryonggang Hot Water Complex, chlorinated hot water, situated in the Onchon County seat, Nampho, has the largest number of minerals among the hot springs and spas of Korea. This well known hot spring is used for the treatment of hypertensive disease, woman’s disease, arthritis, skin disease and other diseases. Yesongsan spring water, a special product of Ryonggang Hot Water Complex, flows from Mt. Sindok and it tastes sweet and it is specially efficacious for digestive trouble.
The complex has more than 80 persimmon trees President Kim Il Sung planted by himself.
In April nearly 20 years ago Chairman Kim Jong Il came here to give instructions to use it that has very rich minerals among hot springs and spas of our country as the place for the promotion of people's health and cultural recreation centre and named it “Ryonggang Hot Water Complex”.
General Secretary Kim Jong Un who is carrying forward the great leaders’ love of people, was informed of a fact that the hole of gushing out the hot water suddenly disappeared and took a step to find out it again, the wealth of the country. He also adopted a benevolent measure to build public hot water complex at the Ryonggang Hot Water Complex so that all our people may take hot water treatment.
The newly built public hot water complex delights the people for its peculiar medical care and immediate results.
The Ryonggang Hot Water Complex is conducting a brisk invitation service for war veterans of the city and labor innovators at the Chollima Steel Complex and Taean Heavy Machine Complex and other factories and enterprises in Nampho.