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DPRK Will Be Prosperous Forever


DPRK Will Be Prosperous Forever

International community speaks highly of the mightiness and dignity of Juche Korea dynamically advancing along the road of socialism under the guidance of the great Workers’ Party of Korea.
It is reflected in the congratulatory messages and letters from personages of many countries on the occasion of the 74th founding anniversary of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
The general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Nepal(Marxist-Leninist), the chairman of the Workers’ Party of Magyar, the chairman for Revival and Development of Guinea said that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea strengthened under the guidance of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il greeted the new era of prosperity by having His Excellency Kim Jong Un, the DPRK under the wise guidance of His Excellency Kim Jong Un reliably guarantees the peaceful environment and security of the country, safeguards the sovereignty and interests of the nation and emerges ever-victorious in reliance upon the powerful national defence capabilities.
The chairman of the Supreme Council of the National Socialist Party (Romania)highly praised as follows:
The history of the DPRK eloquently proves that advancing along the road of Juche leads to the prosperity of the country and happiness of the people.
We fully support the policies and lines of the DPRK invariably advancing along  the road  of socialism  rallied  close  around  His Excellency  Kim Jong Un.
The DPRK will be prosperous forever.
The chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party “The Communists of Russia” and the vice-chairman of the Liberal Socialist Party of Eygpt said that the reality of the DPRK working great miracles by its own efforts in the face of ceaseless challenges of hostile forces and worldwide health crisis struck the international community with admiration, many countries of the world regarded the model of the DPRK as an example, the DPRK will always be crowned with victory.