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“Mother” School Commuter Boats Start Operation in DPRK

“Mother” School Commuter Boats Start Operation in DPRK

“Mother” commuter boats started their operation for the students in  Paljon Workers’ District of Thaechon County, North Phyongan Province, Jungsam-ri of Nyongwon County, South Phyongan Province, Ryulla-ri of Sinwon County, South Hwanghae Province, Myongu and Jisok ris of Changdo County, Kangwon Province.
The commuter boats were provided thanks to the benevolent step taken by General Secretary Kim Jong Un who is dedicating himself to the future of the country with the great love of the parents of the school children all over the country, for the students who have difficulties in going to school.
There were ceremonies for conveying the boats at the relevant units.
At the ceremonies speakers and debaters expressed deep thanks to General Secretary Kim Jong Un for taking good care of all the school children.
The first whistle blew and new school commuter boats began to move.
The residents warmly sent off the boats with students aboard.