The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Giving in to a Child’s Whims

Giving in to a Child’s Whims

In May, 2014, General Secretary Kim Jong Un attended the inaugural ceremony of the Songdowon International Children’s Camp and appreciated the football game of schoolboys.
At the end of the game he had photo session with the members of the team that won the first place at the national juvenile football games.
After photo session, the players who were regrettable for not photographing weighed heavily with him. He came back and also had a photo session with the team members who were runners-up.
He waved to the school children enthusiastically cheering before leaving. All of sudden, a school boy rushed to him.
The moment, eyes of many spectators at the stadium focused on the boy.
The boy lost a chance of photo session because he was a reserve.
The boy asked the General Secretary to have a photo session with him.
Complying with the young boy’s request he with a smiling face again had a photo session with the boy grasping his hand
After all, the boy had an honorable photo session with the General Secretary.