The great persons of Mt. Paektu


One day in August, 2012 respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited an islet outpost of the Korean People’s Army in the forefront by a small wooden ship in the early morning.
The soldiers of the islet defense unit including their families raised the stormy cheers. Among them was a mother with an infant in her arms, which caught his eye. With a smiling face he approached the woman. He embraced the baby closely. The baby of sixth months was called Jong Hang Myong.
He patted the cheeks of the other children who were grasping the hands of their mothers. He had a photo session with them standing on either hand of him.
In March next year he visited there again. He was very glad to see Jong Hang Myong, saying that his appearance changed noticeably, he felt that the baby grew taller in the meantime and he has already known that Hang Myong’s first birthday was yesterday.
Then he gave a gift of great love to the child.