The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Noble and Wise Proposition of World-famous Great Man

Noble and Wise Proposition of
World-famous Great Man

It happened one day in June 1977.
The editor of the French newspaper “Monde” on a visit to the DPRK had an honor to meet President Kim Il Sung.
On the occasion the editor said, “Esteemed Your Excellency President Kim Il Sung, I want to know the personal role of Your Excellency in your country.”
The President said smiling: You ask me about my personal role in our country. I wanted to say nothing since it was about me but you asked me again, so I say that I want to devote my whole life for the people as a faithful servant, there is nothing more glorious than working for the people as their faithful servant.
The editor was greatly moved to hear his words and unbosomed himself as follows:
“Your remark of absolute political ideal of respecting and worshipping the people is a noble and wise proposition of world-famous great man in the true sense of the word.”