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Primary School Student’s Way for School Attendance

Primary School Student’s Way
for School Attendance

Every day the residents in People’s Neighborhood Unit No, 126 of the county town in Kilju County, North Hamgyong Province see Kim Sol Gyong, a teacher of the Kilju Primary School going to the house of a student named Yun Yong Gyong in early morning to carry her on her back to the school.
The way for school attendance associated with the footprints of the teacher in place of the footprints of a young student brings tears to the eyes of the people.
It was difficult for Yong Gyong to be out of the door because of congenital disease.
The parents felt a painful stab at their hearts to see the child of school age. On the evening of one day officials and teachers of the primary school visited her house. They told the parents that it was necessary to pool their strength in order to train Yong Gyong to be a good student
A pleasant voice of the teacher in charge of Yong Gyong has been heard in front of her house in early morning since then.
Then Yong Gyong on her teacher’s back is on the way to the school.