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Kim Hong Do, Famous Painter of Korea

Kim Hong Do, Famous Painter of Korea

Kim Hong Do (1745- ?), a painter of the feudal Joson dynasty (1392-1910), worked hard to draw a painting from his early years and revealed his extraordinary talents in his teen. His remarkable talents and mature painting were shown in figure painting especially in genre.
He worked hard to extensively the social life of that time to break new ground for the development of figure and genre painting.
« House building », « Smithy », « Village school”, “Thrashing in the yard”, “Ssirum”, “Fishing”, “Ploughing” and “Washing place” and other figure and genre paintings reflect the social life in various fields. They show well his progressive realistic creative attitude and artistic skills.
He also drew many landscape pictures and pictures reflecting animals.
In 1770 he drew pictures of a book « Muyedobothongji » (illustrated book of martial arts) explaining 24 kinds of martial arts with pictures in the period of feudal Joson dynasty. The pictures have been registered as world record heritage of UNESCO in October 2017.
His works that invoke rich emotions and deep thoughts through a small and ordinary material are characterized by correct rough drawing, extraordinary and expressive composition of picture, individuality of character, change of lines suitable to objects and powerful and beautiful stroke.
His style of painting free from diagram and regulations and giving truthful representation of the character and mentality of people and realistic life had a great effect on the development of pictorial art.