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One Family

One Family

Ji Sun Nyo, a woman living in People’s Neighborhood Unit No. 83, Township of Changsong County, North Phyongan Province, lost her parents when young.
Though she failed to receive her parent’s love she was grown up to be an official of a people’s power organ under the socialist system.
She is a housewife of a family but takes good care of war veterans and honored disabled soldiers in the township responsible for people’s life as an official of power organ.
She even looks after the old men and women whom she has not yet acquainted with in her village.
A few years ago her mother-in-law passed away. She has since then lived with an old woman who has no child to rely on.
Neighbors living in the same village thought that the old woman was her mother.
As busy she was she worked hard to serve the old woman with special foods and took good care of her so that the old woman might live with no worries. Therefore, the old woman always felt warm brotherly love.
Ji’s son who was far away from home as a shock brigade member also used to ask about the old woman whenever making phone calls.
All the villagers envy Ji’s family that lives in good harmony with the old woman who has no blood relationship as one family.