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Emile Tompapa Who Was Born Again (1)

Emile Tompapa Who Was Born Again (1)

In September 1964 a delegation of the national broadcasting station of the Republic of Guinea headed by Emile Tompapa visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
Tompapa had a sudden fever on arrival. He felt better after taking an antifebrile. So he participated in the banquet for welcome in defiance of remonstrance of his delegation members. However, he got a relapse and complained of his pain when he was back after banquet.
The examination result by medical doctors was very serious. His illness grew worse every moment.
President Kim Il Sung, being informed of this fact, took all necessary measures saying that he should be saved from death by all means with the mobilization of all competent doctors.
There was a consultative meeting of experienced medical doctors in DPRK for saving him and he finally recovered his consciousness at the end of long operation.