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Where Does Happiness Come (1)

Where Does Happiness Come (1)

The woman shown in the picture is Ri Mi Son working at a construction enterprise in Rason City.
A few years ago, she was a normal housewife who finds happiness in taking care of her husband, two children and housekeeping.
Unexpectedly her husband passed away. She has since then taken good care of her children, obsessed by the idea that it was the duty of a mother to bring up the children as wished by her husband.
She was very happy to see her children growing up without anything to envy.
One day her son back home from school told her that a class list was made today, his father and mother are all discharged soldiers and members of the Workers’ Party of Korea(WPK) and so he was very proud of it.
She was deeply ashamed of herself to hear her son talking of the pride. The two letters “pu yang”(taking care of family staying at home) her son wrote in her line of position were painfully penetrating her mind since she should take the lead in doing everything as a party member.