The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Lecture on Color

Lecture on Color

One day in May 2012 General Secretary Kim Jong Un made a round of the Changjon Haemaji Restaurant that neared completion.
Looking at various places for a while, he said most of the buildings were walled with black glasses and deep green or grass green glasses would be much better.
And then he said black color and white color have their own meaning and there is the meaning in colors shared internationally.
He went on to say that there are flowers of various colors including white and red color, colors have the meaning different from one another and therefore, it is necessary to pick up a flower of the color suitable to time, place and object… that is why even in putting up a building it is necessary to choose right color in good harmony with the thought and feelings of our people and it is also necessary to choose a color suitable to time, place and object in life.
His teaching was a lecture provided the officials with a common sense in the matter of color.