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Famous Mt. Ryongak in Pyongyang

Famous Mt.
Ryongak in Pyongyang

Among the famous mountains of Pyongyang is Mt. Ryongak (292m high above sea level).
The mountain takes its name from a fact that the peak looks like a dragon ready to fly high up in the sky.
The people climbing the mountain express their admiration for its curious rocks, cliffs and physical aspect.
The mountain is covered with hundreds of kinds of plants and among them are zelkova tree of Mt. Ryongak and other living monuments under the special protection and preservation of the state.
One of the most magnificent view of the mountain is to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the landscape on the top of Tae Peak, where we can see the whole of Pyongyang and rich rurality.
At the foot of the scenic mountain is Mangyongdae Children’s Union Camp visited by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.
Mt. Ryongak is called Mt. Kumgang of Pyongyang for its beautiful landscape.