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True Patriots (2)

True Patriots (2)

Among the working people who work obediently for the prosperity of the country is Pak Kwang Song, head of the Second Company of Pit No. 6 of the Jenam Coal Mine.
When he came to the coal mine after the discharge from military service nearly 30 years ago, an official of the coal mine said that the coal miners work in a pit face without a ray of sunshine, but they always see the country moving forward.
Since then he has remembered the remark and worked tirelessly for tens of years as one day.
Even the skilled workers praised highly of his work. He introduced technical findings including rational method of blasting and new method of prop installation in production to raise the efficiency of work so as to make great contributions to the coal production of the country.
He always took the lead in the difficult and hard work by his personal example and this helped his company to overfulfil their national economic plan every year.
He felt pride of life in increasing the coal production of the country without expecting honor or reward. On the occasion of the significant Day of the Shining Star in 2022 he was awarded the tile of a Merited Coal Miner.