The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Kim Il Sung, Veteran of World Politics

Kim Il Sung
, Veteran of World Politics

- From an article written by Miguel Boyer “A Great Man
Among the Great Names of Century”-

Miguel Boyer, the then mayor of Alcoshet City of Portugal, visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in April 1992 and had an honor of meeting President Kim Il Sung.
He wrote in his article as follows:
President Kim Il Sung was the most dignified veteran of world politics.
There were many politicians appeared following the end of the Second World War. But there was no such a leader as President Kim Il Sung who led the country and people for a long time.
The heads of many states respected President Kim Il Sung as the veteran of world politics.
Ex-President Jimmy Carter of the U.S., an enemy nation, once he met President Kim Il Sung and said President Kim Il Sung is greater than a person who combines the qualities of three famous U.S. Presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln deeply involved in the nation-building and destiny of the U.S.
His remarks were not only his impression.
Linden Sampson Burnham, the president of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana said in the last moments of his life: my dear people and my dear comrades, my motherland, Guyana, should advance along the orbit of Juche indicated by President Kim Il Sung. The orbit of Juche, the deviation from it leads to death. Don’t deviate from the orbit. The extraordinary remarks can be said his earnest request not to act against the will of heavens.