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For Syrian Students Studying in DPRK

For Syrian Students Studying in DPRK

At the beginning of April 1975 Syrian students came to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to learn engineering, medical sciences and other fields.
On the morning of April 15, a few days after their arrival in Pyongyang President Kim Il Sung visited their lodgings.
The day was his birthday, but the President came to meet with ordinary foreign students.
He asked their name, age and specialized subject as well as their opinions and hope.
The students were charmed by his unassuming and kind-hearted personality and felt as if they sat with their parents and brothers. Some of them honestly confessed their hopes and offered him impertinent requests.
At the end of the conversation of long hours the President said that they should study hard and, when back home, repay the expectations of the Syrian government that dispatched them as envoys of friendship between the peoples and countries of the DPRK and Syria.
He also had a photo session with them.
Then he made a round of the rooms of the students and checked the height of beds and asked about the living and resting conditions of the students. At the bathroom and the toilet he acquainted himself with the cold and warm water in the bath tube.