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Twice Heroes Recorded in History of War Victory (1)

Twice Heroes Recorded in
History of War Victory (1)

Ri Hak Mun, twice hero of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
At the beginning of the war he served as reconnaissance deputy section chief of the Sixth Infantry Division of the Korean People’s Army and later as reconnaissance department deputy director of the General Staff of the Fifth Army Corps.
During the war period he proficiently conducted reconnaissance activities in the enemy rear, thus making great contribution to the combat victory of the unit, killed lots of enemies and destroyed a number of the enemy’s combat equipments. The dauntless scout with such exploits was awarded the title of the Hero of the DPRK in February and August, 1951.
Kim Ki U was a member of a plane-hunter team of the 63rd Infantry Brigade of the KPA. He shot down ten-odd enemy warplanes and became twice Hero of the DPRK in his teens.
In February 1951 he shot down two warplanes in the first battle and later a lot of warplanes.
He used to say that one should dare face enemy warplane to shoot it, when one felt it was a dangerous moment, and that the braver the better rate of hits.