Friendship & Solidarity
“Love the Future!”

“Love the Future!”

The multimedia show “Aroma of sunflower,” “Happy laugh reverberating far and wide” which was held in the form of video conference by Juche idea study organisations and organisations for friendship and solidarity with the Korean people in Denmark, made the spectators keenly feel the true appearance of the society of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
Chairman of the Denmark-Korea Friendship Association, Chief of the Danish Group for the Study of the Juche Idea and other spectators said that through the multimedia they keenly felt the viewpoint of General Secretary Kim Jong Un for the future again. The school things “Haebaragi” (sunflower) he gave to the children across the country are associated with the warm loving care of Kim Jong Un who wants to see the children grow well giving full play to their ability even in the face of difficulties.
Internet Homepages of the DPRK Academic Cultural Centre of Mongolia, Slovakia-Korea Friendship Association, France-Korea Friendship Association, Branch of Brazil-Korea Friednship Association and others carried the pictures showing the noble viewpoint of General Secretary Kim Jong Un for the posterity and edited photos showing our children’s aspect who are growing to be the happiest in the world under the warm loving care of the benevolent fatherly leader.
The spectators who saw the Internet Homepages said that the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea cherishes and loves children with utmost care, dear children delightful in the embrace of the leader, the DPRK is a heaven on earth for the children, “love the future!” is the slogan which enables to keenly feel the true appearance of the DPRK, the photos on display are indicative of the DPRK’s policy for children and they show what the false propaganda and distorted reports of the West are like.
Chairman of the Sweden-Korea Friendship Association, Secretary General of the Finland- Korea Association, and celebrities of the All India-Korea Friendship Association expressed envy on the DPRK children growing to become pillars of the country and heroes of the future under the loving care of HE Kim Jong Un and stressed as follows:
It is clear that bright is the future of the country with bright and happy children and the country will be ever-prosperous. All the countries of the world should pay deep state attention to the education and growth of the children as the DPRK does.