The great persons of Mt. Paektu
55 Minutes of Enchantment

55 Minutes of Enchantment

Solinov, the general manager of the Russian Scientific Institute of Glass Technology, visited the DPRK several times.
During this time he avidly read the immortal classic works of Chairman Kim Jong Il and saw the reality of the DPRK with his own eyes. He keenly felt that the Chairman is the greatest man with whom great men of other countries could not stand comparison in the matter of ideology and theory, insight and personality
Especially, after being met with the Chairman he was completely enchanted with his noblest personality.
He expressed his feelings that: “Comrade Kim Jong Il treated us like his old friends and had a conversation with us in an atmosphere overflowing with humanity. He gave us clear answers to our any knotty questions with his native talent which can explain the profound philosophical things in plain words.
I was unaware of the passage of 55 minutes, enchanted with Comrade Kim Jong Il. At the end of the conversation he with a generous smile had a photo session with us. At that time I felt I was enveloped in sunshine. Comrade Kim Jong Il was, indeed, the sun.”