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Happy Housewarming Event in South Hwanghae Province

Happy Housewarming Event
in South Hwanghae Province

Modern villages spring up in different parts of the country as required by the development of the socialist countryside in the new era. Various farm villages in South Hwanghae Province namely Soksa-ri in Pongchon County, Woldang-ri in Sinwon County, Kohyon-ri in Samchon County and Songo-ri in Sinchon County changed beyond recognition.
Rural houses cozily disposed just look picturesque as they are in good harmony with surrounding environment, bearing characters of modernity, high culture and variety.
This is a fruition of the energetic guidance and great efforts of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who wants to provide the agricultural workers of the DPRK with affluent and cultured life.
Meetings of moving into new houses were held on the spots respectively.
In the meetings, permits for use of dwelling houses were handed over to the agricultural workers and then speeches were made.
The speakers spoke highly of the dreamy reality of owning free of charge those houses built nicely by the benefits of the Party and State.
At the end of the meetings, officials congratulated the residents moving into new houses and shared joy with them.