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“Hunminjongum”, Treasure and Pride of Korean Nation

“Hunminjongum”, Treasure and Pride of Korean Nation

Korean characters “Hunminjongum”, a product of wisdom and talents of the Korean ancestors, are one of the treasures of the Korean nation.
They were invented by famous scholars of Jiphyonjon in January 1444 under the direct influence of Sejong, the 4th king of the feudal Joson dynasty.
Hunminjongum literally means a proper sound teaching people and is made up of 17 consonants and 11 vowels, 28 characters in all.
Hunminjongum is the Korean nation’s unique letters unprecedented in the world. The alphabetic letters are almost perfect and advanced, for which Hunminjongum is superior.
With it, it is possible to pronounce almost all sounds of any languages in the world.
About these excellent characteristics of Hunminjongum, the creators said that it is possible to write all the sounds of the universe.
Hunminjongum is a great pride of the Korean nation.