The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Whoever Meet with Him

Whoever Meet with Him

Japanese scholar: “You’re a European and once you worked as a minister of the government. What made you become a follower of the Juche Idea?”
Hans Klekatski: “Whoever once met with President Kim Il Sung one will eagerly hold the President in high esteem as one’s teacher.”
This is a part of the conversation that former director general of the International Institute of the Juche Idea had with a Japanese scholar.
Hans Klekatski who has a career in working as a minister of Justice in Austria, was fascinated by the great personality of the President after meeting with him and entered upon the change of life.
Later he said: As a matter of fact, the leader of a big country does not become a world leader of his own accord. If one wants to become a world leader, one should be a great person who has an ability to decide on the fate of the world people and indicate the way of hewing it out, transcending the differences in political system. As far as I know, there is no such a world leader as President Kim Il Sung in the West and the East. There was no such a man in ancient times. There will be no such a man in the future, too.