The great persons of Mt. Paektu
In Order to Preserve Independence

In Order to Preserve Independence

It happened when a friendship delegation of Burkina Faso government visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
In those days Burkina Faso shaped five-year plan for economic development and was carrying it out. The country relied on other countries for 80 percent of funds needed for it. As a consequence, there were many problems to solve it.
The government of the country sent its delegation to the DPRK to have some opinions from the President about the building of a new society.
The President met the delegation and said, in order to preserve political independence it is necessary to strengthen the economic power, the people of the countries who are backward in economy will be spontaneously affected by flunkeyism of the developed countries, when they worship and depend on big countries they see all their own things as bad things and consider all things of other countries to be good things and moreover blindly follow big countries.
That day he told the delegation of a story saying that it was wrong to expect too much from “aids” of the West
Having been listened to his explanation, the head of the delegation was deeply moved. He said that seeing the successes gained by your country, he came to know well that independence was the secret of all the successes.