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Emergency Task for Flight

Emergency Task for Flight

On the evening of February 9, 2014 a leading official of the then Koryo Air General Bureau unexpectedly received a call from the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.
He said that there is a sudden task for flight for organizing the flight to send the delegates of Ryanggang Province who had participated in a national meeting of sub-workteam leaders in the field of agriculture.
He went on to say that as it snowed heavily in the east area it would take some days for the delegates from Ryanggang Province to return home by train and it won’t good if they would take troubles for a few days on their way back home and so he is going to send them by air.
He chose the number of crews and kind of airplanes and repeatedly asked the official to offer convenience to them with utmost care, saying that he would be generous with providing them with flower-bedecked car, not airplane, for their troubles of the farmers.
He also worried about the heavy snow that fell heavily in the area of Samjiyon and stressed that military soldiers in the area should be mobilized to clear the runway of snow for safe flight.
And nearly at the midnight he again called the official to ask him to organize and command of flight in a responsible manner for the secure transport of the delegates.