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“Girl Mother” He Recalled

“Girl Mother” He Recalled

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un made rounds of the newly-built Youth Movement Museum on January 19, 2016. Abruptly he stopped walking in front of a photo hung on the wall of the corridor on the third floor.
The photo showed the picture that he met with the “girl mother” participating in the 2nd National Meeting of Young Frontrunners in Noble Traits in the previous year. In those days the girl was bringing up seven children bereft of parents.
While looking at the picture he said that the day of meeting with the “girl mother” is now still unforgettable, he was deeply impressed by her deeds.
He went on to say, the Korean young people have done a lot of good things for the Party, the leader, society and the collective and such frontrunners in noble traits as “girl mother” should be produced a lot out of the young people.
An official told him that ever since his meeting with the “girl mother” the number of the frontrunners in noble traits was increasing among the youths and they participated in the celebration events on the occasion of the 70th founding anniversary of the youth league.
He was much pleased to see an increasing number of the frontrunners in noble traits among young people who do good things for society and the collective, with a smiling face.
The “girl mother” called Jang Jong Hwa was awarded Kim Jong Il Youth Honor Prize, the highest honor of the Korean youths and had a great honor of participating in state functions including the Ninth and Tenth Congress of the youth league and the celebration events of the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.