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E- Seminar Held in Indonesia

E- Seminar Held in Indonesia

E- seminar “Juche Korea: 75 Years for Independence, Justice and Defense of Peace” was held in Jakarta from September 9 to 15 under the sponsorship of the Organizing Committee of International Festival in Praise of Great Persons of Mt. Paektu(OCIFPGPP) to mark the 75th founding anniversary of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
Personages of the Organising Committee of International Festival and organisations of friendship and solidarity from more than 50 countries participated in the seminar directly or in the form of video.
Over 110 congratulatory letters, videos and written speeches were sent to the seminar from personages of political parties and public organisations and members of Juche idea study organisations in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.
At the seminar Damian Ogbonna, chairman of African Committee for Friendship and Solidarity with the Korean People and co-chairman of the OCIFPGPP, vice-chairman C.P. Mainali, chairman of the Nepal-Korea Friendship Association, and Raymond Ferguson, a member of the secretariat and the secretary general of the Australia-DPRK Friendship and Cultural Society, made congratulatory speeches.
Co-chairman of the OCIFPGPP Madhav Kumar who is a chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal (United Socialist) made a keynote report. Then followed speeches.
The seminar adopted a congratulatory message to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.