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Each Country Has Its Own Way of Eating Food

Each Country Has Its Own Way of Eating Food

Each country has its own way of eating food. Some use spoon and others fork and chopsticks and some hands. So everyone should not be enforced to use fork.
This is part of the conversation that President Kim Il Sung had with a party and government delegation of the Republic of Guinea.
It has profound meaning that each country should push ahead with the revolution and construction in accordance with its own specific conditions.
Whenever the President met a lot of politicians and public figures of many countries, he said, to hold fast to independence in party and state activities is the most just policy that conforms with the requirements of the present era, it is necessary to solve all the problems arising in the revolutionary struggle in reliance upon the efforts of the people and in accordance with the specific conditions
Foreigners admired at the President’s clairvoyant foresight, irrefutable logic and valuable views.