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Letter He Received (2)

Letter He Received (2)

After a while Ko Mun Sik held in hand case history sheets of the inpatients and looked for the one of the woman who came from Unjong District before anybody else.
The woman said that she felt a bad pain caused by the injured bones of the shoulder. Different nerves were cut off, her hands became senseless and the injured hand was as hot as a mass of flames or as cold as ice.
It was clear that paralysis would soon begin at the end of fingers.
How the arm is very valuable in life. The same is true of the arm of the woman in charge of household chores.
The woman decided to give up the arm after thinking of it again and again. He felt his heart rent. (Shall I be in charge of her treatment?)
When he was in such an agony, he was appointed as doctor in charge of her treatment. His department made a decision to do so as he is a man of ability.
Ko Mun Sik was very grateful to the trust of the collective.