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Story of Becoming Mother of Her Student

Story of Becoming Mother of Her Student

In 2022 Jo Hye Song, a female teacher of Sinam Senior Middle School in Sinam District, Chongjin, North Hamgyong Province, came to see that there is a student bereaved of parents in her class.
In the very evening she failed to go to sleep, thinking of the student.
Through media she had known that there were good teachers who looked after their students with parental affection. Jo Hye Song wanted to do so as they did. However, she could not easily tell her family members of her resolution to take the student to her home
After reading her mind, her mother and husband fully supported her, saying that it is quite natural to take care of the student bereaved of parents.
After all, the student was taken to the home of Jo Hye Song.
Some days ago Jo Hye Song went to a relevant organ to register the student as her eldest son.
That day she hugged the student, saying that from now on she is his mother.