The great persons of Mt. Paektu
As Soon As I met Him

As Soon As I met Him

“I met with heads of state of many countries.
It was only President Kim Il Sung whom no sooner had I seen him than I felt a sense of intimacy with and was very responsive to."
The remarks was made by former Yugoslav President Tito who saw off President Kim Il Sung on the way to home after his visit to that country in summer of 1975.
Tito was well known to the world politicians as a man of self-respect.
Tito felt rare wisdom and political maturity of President Kim Il Sung from his distinguished oratorical skill and an exhaustive knowledge when he gave teachings of profound meaning concerning the questions raised by him as well as his noble sense of obligation and disinterested friendship from his warm and delicate feelings and broad-mindedness.
The great traits of President Kim Il Sung gave Tito an urge to make friends with him and share feelings with him.
For that reason, though he felt bad, he accompanied President Kim Il Sung and visited the lodging house of the President every day to ask him to increase his staying period.