The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Height of Korea (1)

Height of Korea (1)

Rabeloussonne Ortanse, Former Memeber of
the Political Bureau of Revolutionary Vanguard

I am a woman politician of Madagascar, an island country on the Indian Ocean.
How come I admired and looked up to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with special feeling of intimacy and yearning among many countries of the world including those close to my country geographically?
The reason is that the DPRK has a small territory and population, but there was President Kim Il Sung who has built such a great country. The DPRK, as a land of Juche standing highest in the globe, is a great country winning victory after victory for its independent politics and being proof against any raging wind for its independent national economy and emerging ever-victorious in the confrontation with the US, so-called superpower, for its self-defensive national power.
I wanted to know how the Korean people who suffered from maltreatment and humiliation under the imperialist colonial rule like our people, could stand on the highest summit of a powerful country with the spirit of epoch-making progress in all fields and what kind of strength they have. So, I earnestly wanted to visit the DPRK and have a meeting with the President.
My hope and desire was realized like a dream finally. (to be continued)