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Ordering the Goods Is Not Enough

Ordering the Goods Is Not Enough

One day in April 1967 Chairman Kim Jong Il visited a shop in the city of Pyongyang.
He looked over the book with the names of the residents of every household in the district and the list of the goods ordered by them. He asked an official about the supply of the ordered goods.
Hearing his answer, Chairman Kim Jong Il expressed great satisfaction, saying that it was very good and how people would be glad to it.
Suddenly he said of the family of a newly-married couple before asking about the visit to the house.
When he was told that the official has not yet visited it, the Chairman said that he was not sure whether they have a bookshelf in the house or not.
He told the officials that receiving order from the residents was not enough to meet their increasing demands. He went on to say, with a view to sincerely serving convenience of the residents it was necessary to go into the midst of the people and officials of commerce should be the mothers responsible for the livelihood of the people.