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It is not technical matter

It is not technical matter

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited Pyongyang Pharmaceutical Factory in January 2018.
After making rounds of various places of the factory, he said that Pyongyang Pharmaceutical Factory should ensure a steady output of various kinds of medicine needed for the promotion of the people's health and medical treatment and prevention. He gave detailed instructions to this end.
The instructions concerned the production of larger quantities of popular medicine, reserve medicines, always needed for the life of the people, and energetic struggle to increase the variety of medicine and raise their efficacy, continually concentrating on the work to have a good knowledge of the worldwide trend of the development of pharmaceutical industry and actively introduce advanced technology, putting sanitary conditions, modernity and utility of packing containers on a high level and making trademark design well according to the international standard so as to meet the convenience of users.
That day he stressed, updating of the factory is not merely a technical matter to increase the production of medicines, but an important yet sacred and worthwhile struggle to protect and improve our peoples’ lives and health and to make the people keenly feel in practice, not in words that the socialist public health system and the Workers’ Party of Korea’s policy of public health is good.