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Mt. Myohyang

Mt. Myohyang

Mt. Myohyang, 1 909 meters high above sea level, has been called Mt. Myohyang from the meaning that it is a beautiful mountain which is wonderful and gives off a fragrance.
The Korean nation compared the wonderful mountain to Mt. Kumgang and its grand spectacle to Mt. Jiri. Mt. Myohyang is well known as a famous one for the combination of the strangeness and grand spectacle.
Mt. Myohyang has been well known as one of the six famous mountains of Korea and one of the eight scenic spots of Korea. The eight scenic spots of the mountain have been called the “eight scenic spots of Mt. Myohyang.”
The mountain is associated with the patriotic struggle of the Korean people who bravely fought against the aggressors. It has many cultural heritage showing the cultural and artistic skills and creative talents of the nation.
The International Friendship Exhibition House, the great treasure house praising the great persons, stands there.