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Cradle and Dream of Child of Orphanage

Cradle and Dream of Child of Orphanage

A girl seen in the picture is a child of the Pyongyang Orphanage who has a good sleep in warm bed in a laughter, pressing a book of writings in her breast.
She is too young to see how the affection is great. Her experiences tell her that she grows under the great loving care.
The clothes chests of the orphans are filled with the seasonal clothes, underwear and their shoe chests with various kinds of pretty shoes and their bookshelves with “Mindulle” brand notebooks and quality school things and their tables with meat, fish, duck’s eggs and others.
Various “cosmos” hairpins on the heads of young girls are associated with the loving care of respected fatherly Marshal Kim Jong Un.
The sleeping girl has a dream of becoming a poet singing of his great loving care.
All the children of the orphanages grow to be pillars of the country under the great loving care of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who spares nothing for them, saying that all the children of the orphanages are the sons and daughters of the Workers’ Party of Korea and our Party has lots of sons and daughters.