Long History, Brilliant Culture
Daily Increasing Treasure House of National Cultural Heritage

Daily Increasing Treasure House
of National Cultural Heritage

An active work has been conducted to positively find and correctly inherit and develop the cultural heritage associated with the resourcefulness and talents, history and traditions of the Korean nation in hearty response to the Workers’ Party of Korea for the preservation of national cultural inheritance. More than ten objects across the country were registered as state and local immaterial cultural inheritance and living monument in 2023.
Paints making technique, legend of Mt. Chilbo and others were registered as state immaterial cultural inheritance and Pyongyang boiled rice mixed with subsidiary articles of diet that has been used for dietary life and promotion of the health among the Korean people and various techniques of brewing were registered as local immaterial cultural inheritance reflecting their own regional peculiarities.
Besides, the remains and relics of the main building of the Pomun Temple at Mt. Ryongak, Kwanum Temple around Pakyon Falls, Anhwa Temple at Mt. Songak, Jongrung Temple of King Tongmyong's Mausoleum were preserved and restored to the original state on the principle of historicism and scientific accuracy to show high architecture and cultural traditions of the nation.