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Family of Worker-Students

Family of Worker-Students

Kim Kyong Chol, workers of the Chollima General Building-Materials Factory, and his wife Kim Song Hui are friendly called couple students.
They study at the Pyongyang University of Technology.
After the work they engage themselves in the study late at night after studying at the university.
Very high is their enthusiasm to make great contributions to the prosperity and development of the country as intelligent workers once they were embraced in the system of part-time study while working.
Normally they are an affectionate couple, but they become competitors in the time of argument while studying. They help and lead each other forward.
Kim Song Hui tenaciously studies since she has to take care of their little child with housework.
With their strenuous efforts to become always needed persons and intellectual workers for the good of the collective and society, their real ability increase day by day.
So, they are loved and respected at the worksites, village and university as couple workers and a family of worker-students.