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Commuter Buses Running Through Rural Village

Commuter Buses Running
Through Rural Village

People can see buses running to fields from the seat and to the seat from the fields at Ryongrim Farm in Mundok County, South Phyongan Province.
A few years ago the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un sent these buses for the famers.
Scores of years ago, with a view to turning this farm into a socialist modern village President Kim Il Sung devoted all his great labors and energies to this farm, sent the buses to the farmers to carry them to the fields after being acquainted himself with the fact that its fields were too far.
Even in the arduous period when the country suffered from hardships caused by the imperialist moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK combined with the consecutive natural disasters, Chairman Kim Jong Il bestowed warm love on the farmers to work using them as commuter buses.
Now the buses associated with great loving care of the peerless great persons are running through the farm village.