The great persons of Mt. Paektu
His Noble Ideal

His Noble Ideal

One day in May 2017 the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un told the officials that people-first policy is just his own political idea and his politics is for making the people well off and his own thinking and activities are thoroughly subordinated to the work for the wellbeing of the people.
He went on to say that to turn our country into the most powerful country in the world which nobody dares to provoke and make our people the happiest people in the world is his ideal and when his ideal is realized, the world will look up to Kim Il Sung Nation and Kim Jong Il Korea and our people will be well off with nothing to envy more in the world.
We should make the people lead a affluent and highly civilized life to their heart’s content so that they might feel that our socialist system is the best in the world and socialism is their own life, he noted.