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Military Parade of KPA

Military Parade of KPA

There was the first military parade of the Korean People’s Army, regular revolutionary armed forces at the then Pyongyang Railway Station square on February 8, 1948.
Five years later, in August 1953 a military parade took place to celebrate the victory of the Fatherland Liberation War.
75 years have elapsed since the first historic military parade of soldiers holding rifles in their hands was held.
Tens of military parades took place on significant occasions in DPRK in more than half a century. Each one showed its own peculiar aspects.
The world-startling military parade was that held to celebrate the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (October 10, 2020) at Kim Il Sung Square under the energetic and meticulous guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un. It was called a midnight military parade.
The military parade held to celebrate the 90th founding anniversary of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army on April 25, 2022, was unprecedented in the world history of military parade in terms of scale and form.
Today the military parades in the DPRK demonstrate the invincible might of the DPRK with the strongest military power.