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Sangphaltam of Mt. Kumgang

Sangphaltam of Mt. Kumgang

Eight pools on Kuryong Falls of Outer Kumgang, world-famous Mt. Kumgang, is called Sangphaltam.
There are many ponds, large and small, placing layer upon layer like threading beads downward from Kuryongdae. Eight big of them is called Eight Pools.
This Eight Pools is called Sangphaltam to distinguish between it and Eight Pools at Manphokdong of Inner Kumgang.
Sangphaltam, water-worn granites, is incomparably large and elegant to other Eight Pools.
The scenery of Sanglphaltam is conspicuously beautiful in Kuryongdong area of Mt. Kumgang.
Sangphaltam has a well-known legend “Eight Fairies of Mt. Kumgang” where the eight fairies coming down from the sky had gone to it back after bathing .