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Moran Hill, Scenic Spot of Pyongyang

Moran Hill, Scenic Spot of Pyongyang

Moran Hill is a scenic spot of Pyongyang well known from ancient time.
Round peaks standing in succession along the Taedong River flowing through central part of Pyongyang, are reminiscent of bursting peony blossom. So it is called Moran Hill.
The hill has the keep of the Walled City of Pyongyang, Ulmil Pavilion, Choesung Pavilion, Chilsong Gate, Chongryu Pavilion and other sites of historic interest of Koguryo.
It has a lot of legends saying of the patriotic struggle of the Korean people who bravely defeated foreign aggressors and defended the beautiful country during Koguryo.
Standing at the foot of the hill are Kim Il Sung Stadium, the Arch of Triumph, Kaeson Youth Park with modern merrymaking facilities, Moranbong Theatre, the Liberation Tower and the Friendship Tower.